Nokia is advising South African customers not to panic about the current battery recall, but to determine whether their instruments are in fact compromised. 

Nokia SA's Tanya Steenkamp explains that not all Nokia handset batteries are affected by the advisory issue yesterday and that the first step for customers is to determine if they need to worry at all.
She advises users to go to and enter their battery identification number to find out if it needs to be replaced.
Should a user's battery be among those affected, they will receive further information on how to proceed. In addition, their information will be forwarded to Nokia so they can be contacted once replacement stocks and procedures are in place.
Steenkamp adds that users are not in any danger from the battery problems and the reported incidents have all occured while phones were charging, not while in use.
Meanwhile, Vodacom has confirmed that it is working with Nokia to ensure its customers are able to quickly and easily swop out their batteries if necessary.