Payroll software developer Softline Pastel Payroll is extending its international business by providing focused sales and support infrastructure to well-established resellers in 22 countries.

Richard Mowbray, international channel manager at Pastel Payroll, says for the past three years the company has achieved the highest growth in the entire Sage Group of companies worldwide.
“Now we are targeting Nigeria, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and Swaziland for the next release of our software which will cater for the individual currencies and tax tables of each country. The software is upgraded each year to ensure the payroll is conducted in full accord with local legal and tax requirements.”
The Pastel Payroll channel is also well-established in Namibia and Botswana and Mowbray says Incredible Connection stores in Windhoek and Gaborone are now holding stock of the software. “There is strong growth in demand and we are fully promoting and supporting the channel expansion and off-the-shelf sales via specialist outlets such as Incredible Connection.”
Pastel Payroll recently held a successful software seminar in Botswana attended by more than 200 delegates and Mowbray says that within a month of the seminar a 250% increase in payroll software sales was achieved.
Mowbray adds that Pastel Payroll has put a lot of effort into developing functionality to internationalise the product, allowing it to be easily customised to suit the language and tax requirements of any country.
“We are achieving the desired results from this drive and while the default language is English, we have also developed payslip and transaction functionality that easily accommodates conversion to a country’s home language through a translation feature, allowing employees to receive their payslips in their home language.”
In South Africa, Pastel Payroll can print payslips in all of the 11 official languages — English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Ndebele, Sepedi, Setswane, Siswati, Sesotho, Tshivenda, Xitsonga and Zulu.
“Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are realising, more than ever before, the need for a dedicated payroll software to reap the immense benefits that derive from automation: easy, full compliance with all of the tax and legal issues as well as accurate processing of individually complicated employee portions of the payroll.”