AfricaSD is offering a 30% discount on key products from Kaspersky Lab, until 15 September. The offer targets corporate users currently using alternative anti-virus software.

“We’re excited about this promotion,” says Hennie Moolman, MD of AfricaSD.
Kaspersky's enterprise solutions cater for a wide range of mobile devices, Internet gateways, mail servers, file servers, workstations and administration kits through itts Open Space Security Products.
“Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Home Use is known for its proactive detection of unknown threats and ability to repel them even before an update has been released,” says Moolman.
Kaspersky Lab is one of the pioneers in mobile anti-virus solutions. As smartphones and PDAs become increasingly essential communication and business tools, malicious programs that target such mobile devices are appearing in increasing numbers and diversity.
“Although not part of this current promotion, Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile is an important extension to the company’s range because enterprises and their workforces are becoming increasingly mobile and need to address this growing threat,” says Moolman.