Aspect Software, acompany focused solely on the contact center, has announced a partnership with OpenSpan, the enabler of the new enterprise desktop. This partnership will allow Aspect to utilize and sell the OpenSpan Platform as part of its Aspect Quality Management recording and quality management product to help companies further enhance the complete customer experience.

This partnership enables Aspect Software to extend Aspect Quality Management functionality — such as screen capture and call tagging – to record all back-office interactions with applications like customer relationship management (CRM) systems, email or other in-house developed systems, helping companies gain insight into overall agent performance and create actionable plans to improve the customer experience they deliver and evaluate company performance.
The OpenSpan Platform delivers events, notifications, and data elements to Aspect Quality Management to trigger various recording functions.  As a result, contact centers can trigger screen capture when agents click on specific buttons or insert data in key fields within various productivity applications.
OpenSpan will work with Aspect Quality Management to start, stop, pause and resume recordings based on agent desktop activity, such as when an agent flags a call as high priority in the CRM system or when an agent creates and sends an email.  This allows interactions to be categorised in more ways, speeds access to recordings during searches and ties related interactions together to see the full history of a customer’s interaction, all without programming.
As a result, contact centers can increase overall agent efficiency, improve overall customer service and make certain that their quality levels are met in multi-channel and back office environments.
Call recordings can also be tagged with information derived from certain fields. For instance, a recording could be tagged if the agent fills in “Gold Customer” in a field in a CRM application.  Supervisors and mentors could then pay particular attention to the Gold Customer recordings to ensure superior customer service for their most valuable customers.
“Together, OpenSpan and Aspect Software are delivering additional value to contact centers by extending the scope of quality management to the entire business, leading to streamlined processes and improved productivity,” says Francis Carden, CEO of OpenSpan.
“The OpenSpan Platform is an ideal complement to Aspect Quality Management because it drives the application integration, business process automation and extensibility of functionality that provides Aspect Software customers with the insight and operational efficiency required to help them achieve their customer contact
Brian Derr, vice-president: quality management solutions at Aspect Software, adds:  “Aspect Software understands that our customers are always looking for
greater insight into the overall performance of their contact centers and how that is impacting customer service, sales and collections business processes.
“By partnering with OpenSpan, Aspect Software can now enable our customers to record all aspects of the customer experience – not just what is happening within contact center applications, but across the full array of applications that the agent is touching throughout an interaction.  Using the OpenSpan platform with  our products is certainly going to maximize the value that quality monitoring is bringing to our customers.”
Aspect Quality Management, from the company’s Contact Center Performance Optimization product line, simplifies the call recording and quality management process.  Aspect Quality Management helps pinpoint the most appropriate customer interactions to record and enables evaluation of those interactions to help companies identify areas for improvements with people and processes.