Mainframe users are moving rapidly to increase their investment in management software, according to a survey conducted by BMC Software.  More than 600 mainframe users from companies around the world, primarily with revenues of $1-billion or more, were qualified to participate in the survey.

Among the key trends reflected in the survey results:
* Mainframe’s future is solid – the vast majority of respondents affirmed the ongoing strategic role of mainframe computing in their businesses.
* Software investment is increasing – a significant majority of mainframe shops indicated that they are increasing levels of spending across a range of mainframe software categories, with storage management, replication and data movement, and database archiving leading the way.
* Specific, high-priority challenges abound – major “pain points” include root-cause analysis, monitoring/tuning dynamic DB2 SQL environments, and change and configuration management.
* Complexity is growing exponentially – the growing complexity and variability of enterprise computing underscores the need for more automated discovery and management capabilities in the data centre.
* The matrix of issues faced by IT staff is formidable – a wide range of respondents — including CIOs, VPs, IT staff, and end users — repeatedly raised compliance, storage management, data security and systems availability as problem areas that are drawing their attention and resources.
Other survey findings of note include:
* MIPS growth continues – more than 55 percent of respondents reported MIPS growth, with 41% also citing new applications as a component of that growth.  Only 20% projected a decline in MIPS usage.
* Growth begets growth – customers who reported MIPS growth driven by new development as well as legacy growth also reported significantly higher adoption of z/OS Websphere and MQ-Series.
* Security and privacy top many “to do” lists – survey participants reported that data security and data privacy solutions topped their list of areas for near-term product research and acquisition.
Bill Miller, vice president and general manager, Mainframe Service Management Business Unit at BMC Software, says: “The BMC Mainframe-User-Priority Survey is our most thorough and extensive collaboration with the mainframe community to date.
"It builds on BMC’s 25-year history teaming with mainframe users to understand and solve their management and performance challenges, an approach that continues to fuel BMC’s leadership in mainframe management innovation and advanced solutions development.”
For example, BMC Software is actively introducing a number of new mainframe management solutions as well as enhancements to current solutions that integrate mainframe events into a company’s business service management strategy.
In addition, the solutions meet the need for increased automation from diminished trained mainframe talent and rising security issues due to increased compliance mandates.  These solutions include:
* BMC Impact Integration for z/OS – This new solution reduces root-cause analysis delays by sending mainframe events into the service model — BMC’s Service Impact Manager. This allows operations to quickly relate events from critical mainframe subsystems to their point of impact in the business. This solution is available now.
* BMC Backup and Recovery Solution for IMS – With the addition of new IMS backup and recovery capabilities onto the BMC Web-based console, DBAs can now see both reorganization and recovery events on the same screen, allowing for better informed decisions. Additionally, the new software helps DBAs more easily monitor, identify, prevent and resolve IMS database and system problems before they affect the business. This solution is available now.
* BMC Copy Plus for DB2 and BMC Recover Plus for DB2 – With the addition of new encryption capabilities to these solutions, DBAs can now encrypt and decrypt customer data to offsite locations knowing the data will be secure.