Aspect Software has received the 2007 Speech Technology Excellence Award for Aspect Quality Management from Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

Aspect and its quality monitoring product were recognized for the improvements and technological advancements that they have contributed to enhancing speech technology.
Aspect Quality Management provides call logging, 100% call recording, and quality monitoring capabilities to help organizations meet regulatory requirements, document customer interactions and improve service.
Through an innovative partnership with CallMiner, a leading developer of speech analytics solutions, Aspect Quality Management also offers speech analytics capabilities that enable users to analyze and generate reports on the content, context, purpose and outcome of every recorded conversation through tight integrations with automatic call distributors (ACDs), predictive dialers, and private branch exchanges (PBXs).
“Speech technology has really matured in the last several years and we’re beginning to see a significant uptake in the number of customers that are leveraging this technology in their contact centers,” says Brian Derr, vice-president of quality management solutions for Aspect Software.
“By partnering with CallMiner we are able to add speech functionality to Aspect Quality Management which plays a key role in helping contact centres deliver a positive customer experience.
"Being recognized by Customer Interactions Solutions with this award helps validate the Aspect Software strategy and positively reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to listen to our customers, leverage our relationships with innovative technology partners, and provide products that help them meet their contact centre objectives.”
Aspect Quality Management helps pinpoint the most appropriate customer interactions to analyze and enables evaluation of those interactions to help companies identify areas for improvements with people and processes.
The solution spots trends in performance and customer satisfaction, then breaks down the analysis to determine the root cause of the trend in order to take action. This is done in near real-time with the automated speech analytics component. Through regular monitoring and performance analysis driven by speech analytics, contact center managers are armed with the tools and information they need to provide feedback up and down the organization hierarchy, and recommend additional training or company action as appropriate.