Building on 20 years of leadership in DB2 mainframe management and optimization, BMC Software has announced its support of IBM’s newly updated DB2 9 for z/OS offering as part of an ongoing drive to strengthen the integration of the mainframe within BMC’s Business Service Management (BSM) offering.

BMC delivers BSM across both mainframe and distributed systems as part of a comprehensive, integrated approach to addressing high-priority customer pain points in the industry including compliance, security, root-cause analysis and business alignment.
“With 80%t of the world’s data residing on mainframe systems, it is critical for a company’s data to be quickly accessible to meet the needs of the business,” says Ralph Crosby, chief technology officer of BMC’s Mainframe Service Management business unit.
“The need to align IT with the needs of the business is the cornerstone of BMC’s Business Service Management strategy.  To address this business need and help DB2 for z/OS users extract maximum value from their IT investment, BMC has been working closely with IBM and the DB2 9 for z/OS beta test customers to refine and test the multitude of new features available in DB2 9 for z/OS.”
Global organisations, including finance, insurance and retail, continue to rely on mainframes to support mission critical business services. For nearly two decades BMC has been developing DB2 solutions and the company has become a leader in the market.
According to a recent study from IDC, “BMC remains the market leader in the DB2 market. BMC dominates the mainframe and midrange segment of the database development and management tools market.”
The increasing demand on data warehousing for data-intensive decision support and business intelligence needs has contributed heavily to the continued evolution of DB2.
The latest version, DB2 9 for z/OS with pureXML, is the first hybrid data server in the industry and provides optimised management of both XML and relational data. BMC Software will include DB2 9 for z/OS pureXML support in its products to help customers leverage this significant new technology.