New analysis from global growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan suggests that contact centres are eager to embrace performance software (PM) tools, provided vendors are able to articulate a clear value proposition. PM software is poised to become a key part of the contact centre’s default toolkit.

“Contact centres are eager to adopt performance management tools because they recognise the importance of coordinating multiple key performance indicators and turning them into prescriptions for better action,” says Frost & Sullivan Senior Analyst Keith Dawson. “Hence, there is a definite opportunity for vendors of contact centre software to grow by adding PM tools to their suite offerings.”
There has been a wave of consolidation and realignment among many of the top-tier contact centre software vendors. This has left many of them looking to fill gaps in their offerings, and performance management offers a quick value-addition for suite vendors to expand their footprints. At the same time, smaller niche vendors, often with roots in business intelligence, are making the case for PM’s enterprise value. Both approaches show great promise for growth.
However, vendors have, in the past, muddled their message to the contact centre market through having many different approaches to the technology. This consequently resulted in a good deal of confusion and slow initial uptake.
“Software vendors offering performance management have to provide a much clearer sense of the value that this software provides in order to increase sales,” says Dawson. “They need to explain clearly where PM fits into the overall picture of contact centre software, including how it interacts with quality monitoring, training, and enterprise customer relationship management tools.”
Although PM has been marketed as a tool that brings value to an entire enterprise, the vast majority of sales go through the contact centre. Therefore, niche providers have to create specific modules that address contact centre needs, emphasising how PM helps control costs. For their part, suite vendors need to work quickly to integrate the separate pieces of their contact centre offerings, especially in light of the many suites that were created through acquisition of smaller companies.