Decisioneering, the world’s leading risk analysis and optimisation software vendor, has released Crystal Ball 7.3, the latest iteration of the software locally distributed and supported by Harvey Jones Systems.

Previous iterations were used by 85% of Fortune 500 companies and embedded in the curriculum of over 700 universities around the world. The product builds on two decades of predictive analytics development.
“Using Crystal Ball and Microsoft Excel in tandem gives users credible risk pictures and creates accurate predictive models, allowing users to get the best possible solution,” says Keith Jones, MD of Harvey Jones Systems.“Businesses enjoy accurate pictures of the future using Monte Carlo simulation and probability algorithms and not trend analysis, allowing them to model attributes, such as business risk, with many uncertain inputs.”
New features include:
* Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility – Crystal Ball 7.3 is the first release of the software officially supported on both Office 2007 and Windows Vista. It now includes a new Microsoft Excel 2007 Crystal Ball ribbon for easy access to the tools and features. Users will be able to benefit from the new capabilities found in Excel 2007.
* Scatter Charts – Crystal Ball 7.3 offers users the ability to create scatter charts, which display one set of numerical data along the x-axis and another along the y-axis. Scatter charts display correlations, dependencies, and other relationships between pairs of forecasts and assumptions plotted against each other. This additional investigative tool provides a visual way to make more informed decisions.
* Ability to start and stop Crystal Ball inside Microsoft Excel – After Excel has started, users can now open and close Crystal Ball manually or automatically, depending on their preferences.
"Crystal Ball has always been a key tool for Excel users who want to model risk," says David Gainer, group programme manager for Microsoft Excel. "The Microsoft Office 2007 interface in Crystal Ball 7.3 provides a compelling new user experience for both new and existing Crystal Ball users, making the product both easier to learn and more efficient to use."
Eric Butz, VP of engineering at Decisioneering, adds: "Working with Microsoft and being one of the first predictive analytics companies to create software compatible with Windows Vista and Office 2007 was something very important for us and for our customers. The addition of scatter charts provides Crystal Ball users with another powerful visual tool to use when evaluating their data."