Government leaders today learnt about the risks of cybercrime and cyberterrorism, as well as how to implement strategies and products to alleviate the problem. 

Gary Miliefsky, chief technology officer of NetClarity, spoke at GovTech today on cyberdefense strategies.
During the session, top government officials from all branches of the South African government were offered insight into the world of cybercrime and cyberterrorism and learn ways to protect against exploiters and proactively harden their networks.
"There are so many threats against insecure systems – we have so much at risk; it’s time we tightened up security and improved performance, making our systems stronger and harder against malicious insiders and external threats, here in South Africa,” says Brian Little, director: business development at distributor CompliantIT.
Cheslyn Mostert, chairman of Lefatshe Technologies, adds: “As the exclusive reseller to our government, we’re excited to be working with the award winning, market leader in Vulnerability Management and Network Admission Control.
“NetClarity’s solutions will help us to solve the last mile in solidifying the network infrastructure to improve integrity, security and compliance throughout the South African government agencies.”