A hoax letter purporting to come from Dell Computer could be a lever to obtain user's personal information which may be used to compromise their identities. 

The E-mail, which claims to come from “Dell Computers” announces the launch of a “new Pentium of Laptop” and the news that the recipient has been selected as one of the “lucky 10 people” to have “won” one of these laptops.
Dell Computer is warning e-mail users to be aware of the hoax and not to respond to it in any way as it is an attempt to gain personal information.
The letter is composed in the poor English that has come to be a recognisable trademark of these kind of scams – and the return address is a giveaway hotmail account.
There is no subtlety about this one, however – it contains a form for users to fill in with literally all their personal information, including name, address, age, sex, nationality, occupation, telephone and fax numbers.