IBM has announced a new, all-in-one, high-performance, eco-friendly point-of-sale system for small to mid-sized retailers. The IBM SurePOS 100 combines remarkable energy-efficient performance and advanced retail hardening technology at an affordable price.

“It’s all about helping our small and midsized clients better serve their customers at a price they can afford,” says Kevin Kitchin, IBM Retail Store Solutions, South Africa.  “IBM continues to invest in manufacturing and design processes that give SMB firms the tools they need to help enhance operational efficiency and stimulate business growth.”
As an eco-friendly retail system for small and medium-sized retailers, the IBM SurePOS 100 combines features and flexibility typically available only to larger enterprises. Retailers have the choice of displays, printers and cash drawers, as well as an optional internal CD-ROM. Standard and powered ports connect new and existing peripherals, enabling retailers to create a cost-effective configuration.
Its integrated design and open standards platform allows retailers to merge critical applications and peripherals into one POS system, helping to reduce costs associated with the use of unproven solutions from multiple vendors. The SurePOS 100 support Windows, SUSE Linux (available in 2008), and DOS operating environments to help maximise a retailer’s choice of POS applications from IBM Business Partners.
"We are excited about the potential of this new point-of-sale solution for our business and for what it can offer our mutual customers.  It just one more example of IBM listening to the voice of its partners and the marketplace," says Kitchin. "Together, we are able to provide our customers what they tell us they want – simple, low-cost, energy-efficient solutions to help improve their competitiveness. We will continue to work alongside IBM to successfully deliver high-value solutions that meet the needs of our clients."
In line with IBM’s Project Big Green initiative, the new system boasts an energy-efficient, C7 2.0GHz VIA processor that draws only 20 watts of power. The energy efficient VIA processor helps reduce power consumption to help reduce total cost of ownership. The use of recycled materials in the optional cash drawers and energy efficient processor technology positions the SurePOS 100 as a leader in today’s eco-conscious retail environment.
IBM’s Retail Green Initiative is focused on educating its retail clients on the environmentally responsible options available to them. The many areas of this initiative include education on the value of sustainable shipment packaging and the use of recycled materials. IBM uses state-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes to help extend the life of its retail products, thereby helping protect the environment. IBM point-of-sale systems are built to enable retailers to expand and upgrade over a long life cycle.
IBM’s Global Financing's Global Asset Recovery Services (GARS) gives small and medium businesses environmentally sound solutions for under-utilised assets through an eco-friendly disposal process. GARS was developed 20 years ago to reuse, remarket and recycle servers, hard-drives, monitors, and point of sales systems in an environmentally safe manner.
The IBM SurePOS 100 is a value-oriented POS system that bridges the gap between high-end electronic cash registers (ECRs) and point-of-sale systems. The competitive value includes the system’s all-in-one design and its powerful ability to run today’s demanding POS applications. The system comes with exceptional worldwide service support backed by a global network of IBM Business Partners and value added resellers.
The IBM SurePOS 100 will be available in September.
Retail store environments can often damage a point-of-sale system’s integrity. IBM’s advanced retail hardening increases the durability of the SurePOS 100, thus helping to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
IBM has designed this system specifically for retail environments. Several manufacturing innovations of the advanced retail hardening process include board flex testing, power cycling and pre-shipment integration. IBM’s reliable design protects the system from damaging factors such as:electrostatic shock; fluctuations in temperature and humidity; dust pollution; and harmful vibrations.
The compact, retail-hardened system is easy to install and incorporates the technology retailers need to manage operations in convenience, grocery, specialty and other environments, including enterprise class management through Remote Management Agent (RMA). RMA from IBM is available at no charge for the SurePOS 100, and allows retailers to remotely monitor the POS device, as well as track assets and distribute software.
When combined with IBM Director, also available at no additional charge for use on IBM servers, these functions can be monitored at an enterprise level across multiple store locations. IBM Director is an integrated, easy-to-use suite of tools that provide customers with flexible systems management capabilities to help realse maximum system availability and help lower IT costs. With IBM Director, IT administrators can view and track the hardware configuration of remote systems in detail and monitor the usage and performance of critical components, such as processors, disks and memory.