More and more recruitment agencies and companies are embracing the internet because it is a much faster, cheaper and easier way to extend their reach to a bigger number of job seekers.

“There has been a steady migration of prospective employers and recruitment agencies to online in the last few years. This has not only led to a massive boom in online recruitment in recent years, but has also helped bolster the recruitment industry as a whole," says Inge de Klerk of Job Mail, South Africa’s only dedicated career classifieds to be available online, in print and via mobile.
“Online recruitment facilities make recruitment agencies more competitive and more effective because they are able to tap into a greater pool of potential candidates and react to applications much faster.
“Obviously some online recruitment sites are more credible than others and the three market leaders, of which Job Mail is one, have distinguished themselves by staying at the forefront of technology to provide better, more user-friendly solutions,” she adds.
Clearly, online recruitment works for recruiters who are able access a wide database of active jobseekers and target suitable candidates by simply refining their search criteria. Many online recruitment sites allow recruiters to upload and delete their own vacancies everyday, which means that vacancies are always fresh and relevant. Web advertising is also considerably cheaper than print and there are no deadlines to adhere to.
According to de Klerk, there are currently 1 000 registered active recruiters using Job Mail’s online service to advertise available positions.
One of them is T&M Staff Hire, which has been using Job Mail online to advertise positions for the last four years. In the last six months, the agency has successfully placed 74 candidates canvassed from the Job Mail site. In 2006, T&M Staff Hire successfully placed 133 people in suitable jobs using the Job Mail online service.
The company’s Philip Tate believes that the internet has boosted the ability of recruitment consultants to find and place suitable candidates in positions.
“Online recruitment sites like Job Mail have had a positive impact on the recruitment industry on the whole because they generate wider awareness of vacancies to a greater number of job seekers and improve our response times. This makes us more effective and more efficient,” says Tate.
Philip Park from Professional Career Services, which has been utilising Job Mail’s online service for almost 10 years, agrees.
“Searching for CVs and possible candidates is much easier and quicker online. Being online also gives us greater exposure, building our own profile in the market. Job seekers are also excited about the prospect of searching and applying for jobs online because it is convenient and they can access a vast number of possible job prospects.
“However, it is still only those who have access to the internet and basic computer skills who use online recruitment facilities. Those who can’t surf the net, can’t reap the benefits unfortunately. That’s why it is still necessary for recruiters to have a two-pronged approach that encompasses both print and online advertising,” says Park.