Channel Data has launched the modular Powermode M90 Series range of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices, which it says set a new benchmark in reliability and cost effectiveness in data centre arena.

With capacities from 15kVA to 120kVA, the modular Powermode M90 Series features hot-swoppable power modules that enables the unit to claim a 99,999% uptime and a less than five minute repair time.
“The ability to configure spare power modules in a parallel n+x configuration with no-single point of failure is a major advantage.  This increases the reliability of the unit exponentially and reduces cost dramatically,” says Philip Hampton, manager: power solutions at Channel Data.
“The modular hot-swop capability brings reliability and cost effectiveness to a new level.  Previously this reliability could only be achieved by configuring an additional parallel unit at a much higher cost and increased footprint.  Now better reliability and upgrade scalability is achieved by configuring multiple spare modular power units for automatic fail-over," he adds.
The Powermode M90 also features superior battery run time and can be configured to provide 120kVA for up to an hour or 45kVA for more than seven hours.  This makes the unit ideal for uninterrupted supply of power for enterprise data centres, especially where backup generators are not viable.