With a growing demand for Voice over IP (VoIP) deployments in South Africa, a need has arisen for simulation and testing to ensure successful implementation. Codima Technologies, a member of security distribution company Compliant IT has addressed this demand following the recent launch of a VoIP Traffic Simulator.

The simulation tool measures quality of service and stress tests to all types of VoIP networks.
According to the MD at Compliant IT, Brian Little, not all networks will support VoIP technology pointing out that before companies embark on costly implementation they should ensure that their network infrastructure will allow for a cost effective VoIP solution.
“The advanced technology of the simulation device helps for example a consultant or an organisation to prevent unnecessary project delays and future maintenance costs, as well as customer or client dissatisfaction,” says Little.
autoVoIP Traffic Simulator can be used in pre-and post deployment environments. It measures quality of service at different points on the network by simulating synthetic phone traffic.
Add-on Traffic Blaster stress tests the quality of service experience for each point on the network, when a traffic simulation is performed, by providing extra controlled loading of VoIP and non VoIP traffic.