E-mail has become an integral part of modern society. Many people in the world do not know what they would do without the instant messaging service that e-mail provides.

Despite the most up to date ways of preventing it, however, e-mail still fails. These failures can be the result of many occurrences including natural and man-made disasters and unfortunately – technological failures.
Enterprise e-mail systems are prone to a variety of potential breakdowns including SAN (Storage Area Network) failures, mis-configuration, losses in network access, database corruption and viruses.
Because e-mail has evolved to become a mission-critical application as essential as electricity or telephone services, it is essential that e-mail continue as uninterrupted as possible. Iron Mountain’s E-mail Continuity service is the affordable answer.
The service addresses the shortfalls of tape backup and traditional mirroring and replication solutions. The E-mail Continuity service is a highly scalable standby messaging notification system that is hosted at world class disaster recovery facilities equipped with redundant power, servers and internet backbones, and manned 24×7 by expert support staff. This service ensures that e-mail is continually available 24x7x365 – no matter what.
“The application advises employees that the E-mail Continuity service has been activated. It then automatically routes all e-mail to the corporate address to the secure system hosted by Iron Mountain. The system is readily available to employees that have received login instructions. Once the company’s main primary mail system has been restored, all e-mails that were sent or received during the emergency are then automatically merged into the company’s primary mail system”, says Amit Parbhucharan, regional manager of Iron Mountain Digital.