Business software provider HansaWorld has introduced a range of Internet services to provide its users with third-party information and services such as credit card payment facilities, SMS sending, exchange rate lookup and filing of tax returns – all within a single application.

“It’s a logical extension of our commitment to integration,” says HansaWorld SA country manager Kevin Clarke, “As far as possible, we want to give our customers everything they need, including information from third parties, in a single application.”
Clarke cites checking a potential customer’s credit record as a typical example: “Normally, you need to phone a credit rating agency or at least open a new application to check a credit record,” he says. “HansaWorld now offers a simple “Get credit record” button on a customer contact card. You click the button, we fetch the record for you and serve it up on your screen. It’s fast, easy and foolproof.”
Electronic VAT returns from within HansaWorld are also now possible, says Clarke. “You don’t even need to visit the Revenue and Customs website,” he says. “Your return can be automatically created, reviewed, submitted and receipted from within HansaWorld.”
HansaWorld can offer these and other online services, says Clarke, “because our software is so fast over wide-area networks. We’ve designed it for the Internet age so it’s lean and very easy on bandwidth; it’s possible to complete credit card transactions, for example, over a modem line in seconds.”
Services currently offered include credit card processing, exchange rate lookups, electronic VAT returns, address lookup using postcodes and business SMS sending. Clarke says HansaWorld will also soon introduce an electronic invoicing service that will use a secure third-party printing house to print and mail invoices to customers.