Integr8 FAX has formed an alliance with empowered services provider, CHM Vuwani Computer Solutions to provide government departments with its free fax-to-email service platform as per an IT services tender issued by the State IT Agency (SITA).

In accordance with the contract the partnership is authorized to supply, integrate and support the installation of the technology at government departments that accept and put in an official request for the solution. This includes training.
“CHM Vuwani Computer Solutions is a strategic platform partner that is an established in the marketplace, particularly in terms of relationships with government,’ explains Robert Sussman, joint MD at Integr8 IT.
“As an alliance partner to Integr8 Fax, this company adds immense value in that they are fully compliant as an empowered entity and already supply and maintain most of the hardware within government departments.”
According to Sussman CHM Vuwani Computer Solutions, through its partnership with Integr8 FAX, stands to broaden and strengthen its existing service to government.
The deal stipulates that the outsourced electronic faxing solution must make provision for unlimited users and should entail the implementation and seamless integration on an outsourced basis at no cost to SITA.
It also enforces a number of requirements including the fact that the system must not require the installation of any software and must work as part of any e-mail infrastructure; each fax must be assigned a unique document number and be delivered to the user’s inbox as “valid user mail address” with the fax image as a “unique document number.TIF” attachment.
Additionally, a unique fax number per destination e-mail address must be available.
The free-fax-to-email solution is designed to facilitate large volumes of fax communication within user-intensive sites within specific market sectors including corporate, small-to-medium enterprises and customer contact centres.
“Government departments are managed according to very tight schedules and with strict adherence to protocol and security. We are mindful of the need for discretion and vigilance in terms of digital communication. The free fax-to-email solution provides a secure platform for correspondence – all documentation is sent directly to the intended recipient, there are specific rules put in place to guarantee the integrity of all communication,” explains Sussman.
To date Integr8 FAX has completed a roll out of the solution to several government departments.
“With any high-level technology installation of this volume there is a need for time to cover training in order to reach full operational functionality. Integr8 IT FAX has already trained many corporate companies and has the necessary documents and training procedures in place. It is simply a matter of addressing the key requirements at government level,” comments Walter Bredell, head of Integr8 FAX.
“As far as government is concerned the main benefit is a significant reduction in operation costs, lower total cost of ownership of communications infrastructure and a secure, effective platform for electronic communication. With the introduction of the fax-to-email solution, existing fax lines can now be cancelled or freed up as telephone lines, old equipment can be recycled or donated, a lot of money can be saved on paper wastage and loss of hard copy."
There are also positive spin offs for the public, says Bredell, because faxes will now be sent to the intended recipients and not get lost or misplaced.