Fujitsu Siemens Computers is enabling businesses to monitor their energy savings more closely. Customers who have purchased a Primergy TX120 server or an Energy Star 4.0 certified Esprimo Professional PC can order a free  power meter on the company’s website.

Both products are designed for low energy consumption and to reduce the carbon footprint for small and medium-sized business.
Fujitsu Siemens Computers commissioned a report in 2007 with analyst house IDC – Reduced Cost and Increased Return from the Green Data Centre – to understand what the core elements would be of a green IT plan for business. The report highlighted two key findings:
* There is a link between cost-efficiency and a sustainable IT strategy; and
* Businesses should focus on how IT can help other parts of the organisation achieve their own sustainability goals.
Among the green IT topics, energy saving has emerged as one of the most critical components of environmental protection and sustainability. Around the world, people are striving to be more energy efficient at home and at work.
Using eco-designed products is now an important focus for all businesses.  With both the Primergy TX120 server and the new Energy Star 4.0 certified Esprimo Professional PC, Fujitsu Siemens Computers is a technology leader in energy efficiency.
The two products help to generate energy savings that impact the bottom line. For example:
*  €13 000.00 in power costs can be saved every year for every 1 000 Esprimo Professional PCs used;
* Switched monitor outlets in Esprimo Professional PCs save up to 10% in display power consumption;
* Running on the highest configuration, the TX120 consumes 40% less energy than conventional tower servers. At full load, equipped with the Dual-Core Intel Xeon UP processor, the maximum active power is 163 watt. At average electricity prices, the TX120 can achieve energy cost savings of approximately  €150.00 per year; and
* In general a power-optimised server provides a 33% saving by using less redundancy, different memory and LV processors. This energy efficient combination delivers return on investment in two years, based on a standard Primergy server.
Dieter Herzog, executive vice-president: infrastructure products, says: "Energy efficiency makes sense for all businesses, from small offices to large corporations. Significant cost savings can be achieved just from using the right IT equipment which is designed to consume less power.  We aim to develop energy efficient products without compromising on performance – this is why we are offering businesses the chance to see the difference our products make to the bottom line."
The Primergy TX120 is Fujitsu Siemens Computers' smallest, quietest and most energy efficient server. Powerful yet compact, it is ideal for small businesses in that it consumes less power, makes less noise and produces less heat than standard small servers.
It offers a fast and sufficient memory, buffering data, storage back-up software, remote management and internet/intranet access. Businesses can expect to save as much as €150 per year in energy costs alone.
The Esprimo Professional PC incorporates Intel vPro processor technology as well as an 80+ power supply, and can save up to 45% in energy and costs compared to a two-year-old PC.
Delivering out of the box energy efficiency modes, the display automatically powers down after ten minutes while the hard drive switches off after 15 minutes. After 20 minutes, the system goes into standby mode and after one hour, the maximum energy-saving mode is activated.
In addition, the PC is extremely quiet due to its cooling capability enabled by the Esprimo cabinet.