Accsys has successfully managed the migration of its client, Smiths Manufacturing and Smiths Plastics, from a DOS-based Nugen Payroll system to the Windows-based Accsys PeopleWare platform. The change in systems has taken place across the company and has already yielded a return on investment, says Smiths representatives.

Durban-based Smiths Manufacturing and Smiths Plastics  are sister companies under the Metair Investments Group, manufacturer and supplier of automotive components.
The two companies run off the same server and have, until recently, made use of the Nugen system to administer payroll for its combined employee base of 1 500 people.
Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys, said whilst the client’s move onto Accsys PeopleWare was not an overnight process, the feedback received suggests the company is very satisfied with the system and has been able to successfully lock into and extract maximum benefit from the solution’s features.
“There are very few instances where we can claim that a client has burrowed themselves into a solution, gone beyond the conventional approach to new technology and extracted the ‘marrow’ of the system to the benefit of the business or company. It simply does not happen that way everyday,” explains Schroenn.
“But in the case of Smiths Manufacturing, which was the first to make the transition, it was clear from the outset that the system lent itself well to their requirements. The company’s quest to get the absolute best from the product, down to the very last feature, was spearheaded by Eileen Shaw,” she adds.
By her own admission Shaw is meticulous when it comes to testing the essence of any investment and its reported value to a company.
”I am extremely vigilant when it comes to the acquisition and integration of new systems and technology. I want to know precisely how each feature works, when, why and how. Having been a part of the transition from Nugen to PeopleWare I can honestly say that Smiths have been able to leverage off every value-added aspect of this solution. The result has been very positive,” says Shaw.
To date the company, having successfully run both its existing system with that of the new system for only one ‘parallel’ payroll run, has extracted its general ledger and successfully linked up with JD Edwards, its financial package.
“This was a painless, exciting and interesting process and development in technology for the company. We are pleased with the results so far, the system is user-friendly and we regularly receive insight and support from Accsys head-office,” adds Shaw.