Facebook is starting to come up against the problems associated with keeping 31-million users happy – without alienating some users. A new row has started over the social networking site's decision to ban pictures of nursing mothers. 

Some moms have even been permanently barred from the site after pictures of them breastfeeding their babies were deemed "obscene", in contravention of the site's rules and regulations.
What's fuelling the ire of the approximately 7 000 members protesting the removal of these images is that there are no clear guidelines as to when an image crosses the line into pornograhy.
The group of "lactivists", as they call themselves, are calling for Facebook to lift the ban, which they say is discriminatory.
In another social networking wrinkle, the US intelligence community is launching a site to encourage intelligence workers to share information.
A-Space will include all the elements of commercial sites – although it will be classified – such as blogs, databases, libraries and personal productivity tools.
It's not the first time the intelligence community has borrowed from the wider Internet world: Intellipedia is based on the Wikipedia model and is popular among intelligence agencies.