New quad-core Intel Xeon MP processors introduced yesterday in Primergy RX servers from Fujitsu Siemens Computers provide near-double performance over previous models, coupled with new savings in energy-efficiency.

Underlining Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ commitment to the Dynamic Data Center, new Primergy RX600 S4 rack-mount servers are ideally suited towards advanced virtualization, enabling further consolidation within the data center.
The Primergy RX600 S4 is the first server model from Fujitsu Siemens Computers to feature the Intel’s first 64-bit Quad-Core Xeon MP 7200/7300 processor series (codenamed Tigerton), providing top-level performance combined with particularly low power consumption. The new Primergy RX600 S4 will go on sale in October.
In addition to performance gains, the switch to Intel Xeon MP quad-core processors further reduces the Primergy RX600’s already highly-efficient heat output per processor, therefore reducing energy consumption. With overheating a major cause of IT component failure, the new lower-heat-output servers also ease overall datacenter cooling needs.
Thanks to new quad-core processors and 128Gb of maximum on-board memory – double the previous maximum amount – the Primergy RX600 S4 delivers a perfect consolidation platform ideal for virtual machine tasks, also providing an ideal platform for high-end compute-intensive datacenter functions such as database server and ERP application (enterprise resource planning).
The fourth-generation Primergy RX600, the S4, provides almost double the processing power but retains the same form factor, a compact 4U rack chassis, thanks to quad-core processors of up to 2.93GHz, and a dual 4Mb Level 3 cache.
In line with its purpose as a thoroughbred for the data center, all components within the Primergy RX600 S4 are fully redundant and hot-swappable. This means that server need not be powered down during maintenance, providing the minimized unplanned downtime required to run mission-critical applications such as databases and ERP systems.
The richly-specified Primergy RX600 S4 delivers the highest levels of throughput and data availability to both LAN and SAN thanks to an 8-port SAS controller with RAID 5 (RAID on Motherboard) functionality, a 1067MHz frontside bus (FSB) and 4x onboard Gigabit Ethernet controllers, in addition to an optional battery back-up unit (BBU) for further high availability operation.
The space-saving 7U rack mount chassis accommodates up to 8 hot-plug 2.5-inch hard drives, and ship with Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ iRMC (integrated Remote Management Controller) S2 Server Management Controller delivering comprehensive server management.