With Infor BPCS (Business Planning and Control Systems) products firmly entrenched in the market, Softworx is turning these essential applications on their head – revitalising maturing products through optimisation. With Infor ERP BPCS the solution of choice in the F&B, CPG and pharmaceutical markets, the solution addresses a number of challenges at a USP level.

Nic Zentelis, director of consulting services at Softworx, says that many companies have yet to realise the huge potential of the BPCS applications they have invested in. This is why he’s put together an expert Infor ERP BPCS team at Softworx. Its goal? To make Infor ERP BPCS applications work at their peak.
Zentelis explains that the catalyst for the team’s development was Softworx recently becoming responsible for Infor’s BPCS client base.
“We immediately put together a core team of people with a diverse skills set that would add both depth and breadth to our offering – who can do everything from optimisation to developing a portfolio of improvement for clients no matter what industry they’re in. The team spans across the manufacturing and financial spheres, and have expertise in both installation and development.”
Perhaps the most exciting thing for Zentelis and his team though is the vast potential of Infor ERP BPCS applications that remains virtually untapped by many companies.
“What we’re seeing in the market is that applications are often neglected by clients for a variety of reasons, with the result that they end up really sweating their assets – a seemingly good thing, however, at the peril of maximising what they could be getting in return. In our experience though, they’re only using a percentage of the capabilities of their system – usually only around 30%. This leaves an incredible amount of potential just waiting to be optimised: a very exciting prospect for our team.”
The team’s experience with Infor ERP BPCS and Infor ERP LX is extensive: both from a maintenance point of view and that of implementation.
“Our role is essentially all about getting the best possible value from the client’s Infor ERP BPCS application – whether it’s through support, optimisation, or assisting them in planning their growth path for the future. A big part of this will be helping clients take optimisation to the next level by offering migration to the new generation of Infor ERP BPCS products, namely Infor ERP LX.
"In addition, because we support all Infor’s products, we’re able to help in bridging any gaps that might exist in the business. We thus offer clients a complete service in terms of consolidating a diverse set of products and opportunities.”
With optimisation the initial driver of the team’s portfolio, clients can expect the team to look at a number of core issues in their business.
“Our initial input will be done as the result of an in-depth assessment – seeing where they are with the product and where the information gaps are at an operational, strategic and tactical level; looking at how the business has evolved since implementation; and analysing how the product can better help them to meet their metrics. We also want to help them expand into other areas of the product that they possibly aren’t aware of.”
Zentelis explains that anyone asking questions about the information contained in their system and why they can’t use it to plan for the future effectively; about their scheduling and inability to guarantee a delivery date; about their ability to forecast; their poor simulation capabilities; and/or their source of profit can be certain that their Infor ERP BPCS application is not performing at its optimum.
“A company’s information is invaluable. It contains real business opportunities. Infor ERP BPCS can reveal many of these opportunities,” he says.
"With so much potential often hidden within an organisation’s systems, your company would probably do well to ask what your BPCS application is actually doing – and if it shouldn’t be doing more. And, if unconvinced about its performance, perhaps it’s time for you to call in the experts from Softworx, and stop sweating your assets and start sweating your opportunities instead."