Justick International, a South African based high-tech electro-adhesion product development company which recently landed a R1,3-billion office products supply contract with a leading office products distributor in the US, has also opened offices in Brisbane, Australia, as part of its plan to expand sales into the Australasian region.

The recently-announced R1,3-billion supply contract in the US was cemented with office products distributor, ShowBoard, which currently supplies office products retailers such as Staples, Wal-Mart, OfficeMax and Office Depot.
The contract, valid for six years, is for the supply of the company’s range of "stick anything" display board products, including school project boards.
Patented in all major countries worldwide, the world-first display boards enable companies, and end users, to stick literally any display materials without the need for glues, pins, adhesive tapes or magnets. The company’s school project boards are expected to make a “significant impact on the US market”.
The locally-developed non-tacky polymer-based display surfaces – based on special electro-adhesion technology – are currently the only of their kind available in the world, and are putting the Centurion-based company on the world office products map.
The company’s Brisbane office is being run by Justick co-founder Herman Allison, who is now focusing on heading up company sales in the Australasia region.
Gerhard Ferreira, a director, says the company is currently negotiating with one of the world’s top office products distributors, as part of its plans to increase sales in “Australia and the Asian region”.
“Herman Allison is currently in negotiations with them and we believe our sales pipeline in Australia will commence shortly," he says.
"Currently, South Africa and the US are our biggest markets, but we see a lot of potential in Japan and Australia, hence the reason for the opening of our offices in Brisbane. We believe our growing success in the US will galvanise developments in Australia because some of our prospective clients have global distribution footprints.
“Of course, our R1,3-billion deal with ShowBoard – with overall US distribution being handled by Elmar – is our major focus point at the moment. But we will be expanding beyond this as our product range gets better known with office products retailers around the world."