Industry experts regard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as one of the most significant developments the communications market has seen in years, bringing with it the potential for telephony costs to be decreased by between 40% and 70% and a dramatic reduction in the complexity associated with mass rollouts of telephony solutions.

As with any new technology, certain advanced functionality that some organisations find intrinsic to their business processes isn’t supported always by default.
Voice recording is just one example of this in practice.
Sensing a strong need amongst customers for improved SIP recording support, Spescom DataVoice earlier this year took the initiative and responded with a set of enhancements to its range of recording solutions that make voice recording more cost effective and easier to manage on Avaya’s SIP platform.
Francois Visagie, product manager, Spescom DataVoice says that voice recording is however an entry-level application in its arsenal of solutions for the Avaya SIP platform.
“Through the use of additional modules that also integrate perfectly with Avaya’s SIP solutions, customers can easily and cost-effectively take advantage of features such as screen recording, computer telephony integration (CTI), performance management, speech analytics and more.
“This strongly positions us to maintain our leading role on the contact centre performance ” he adds. “As more and more large scale telephony implementations begin embracing SIP and taking advantage of the competitive lead the new standard can offer them, as and when they require a recording solution, we will almost certainly be the front runner.
“Our solutions are robust, proven and cost effective,” he adds. “And since they’re locally developed, we have an additional benefit of being able to offer world-class local support to customers.”
Visagie concludes that Spescom is extremely bullish about the potential the new SIP enhancements unlock and will in the coming years remain committed to being at the forefront of this technology, as this tenet has kept the company in the lead for the past decade.