Earlier this year, Tarsus Technologies and Cisco hailed the arrival of a breakthrough in integrated communications solutions for SMBs when the companies announced the local availability of the Unified Communications 500 router (UC500).

Upping the stakes substantially, Tarsus has now announced that the UC500 is available in a new bundle that takes care of a wide variety of SMBs' networking needs. Furthermore it is preconfigured for use by small companies' extending the agility and flexibility that these entrepreneurial businesses crave from their networks today.
This means that in addition to the value it already provides, namely the bundling of telephony, messaging and mobility into a single easy to use device, even SMBs with a cursory knowledge of IT can now roll out the solution themselves.
"The UC500 bundle provides all of the functionality that small businesses today need to take advantage of converged networking," says Traci Maynard, Cisco business unit manager at Tarsus Technologies.
"The solution consists of a UC500 series router with an integrated wireless option, a Catalyst Express 520 switch, a 500 series Wireless Express access point, 500 series Wireless Express mobility controller, and Cisco's suite of management tools, namely SmartAssist, Configuration Assistant, Monitor Manager and Monitor Director.
"The cost savings associated with converged voice, data and security solutions have been proven," she says. "The UC500 bundle brings data and voice networking onto a single platform, extends this into the wireless and remote access realms; and 'battens down the hatches' from a security standpoint to ensure that unauthorised access to the network is prevented.
"Finally, because this bundle integrates well with all of Cisco's solutions for the SMB market, there's room to grow the capacity and capability of the network seamlessly," Maynard says.
"SMBs can now roll out their own networks in a few minutes, since the majority of the configuration is already complete. Cisco's strategy for enabling small businesses to take advantage of enterprise-class networking functionality has become even more compelling.
"This strategy starts with good value for money solutions that cover all the bases at the entry level and through easily integratable modules, then allows for small companies to grow their networks as and when their requirements expand.
"Life has never been easier for SMBs," she adds.