Fujitsu Siemens is expected to be the first OEM to take advantage of AMD's new Barcelona quad-core processor with a commercially available server slated for launch on 5 October.

A number of other OEM partners, including Dell, HP and IBM have said they will have machines on the platform available around the November timeframe. More than 50 platforms will launch with Barcelona over the course of the next quarter – a far cry from the eight that pledged support for AMD's Opteron back in 2003.
Speaking at the launch of AMD's new quad-core processor in Barcelona earlier this week, Fujitsu Siemens chief technology officer, Dr Joseph Reger, revealed the company would be first to market with a server based on Barcelona.
"I know it's only a few weeks away, but we will launch an AMD quad-core server on 5 October," Reger says. "This is a good day for the IT industry – it's about time that we had native, true quad-core. It is good news on all counts, particularly in the areas of virtualisation and core count."