MIP Holdings, the Bryanston-based financial services administration software developer, has opened a Pretoria office to enhance its service to clients in the Pretoria, Centurion and surrounding areas.

The main reasons MIP established the office are:
* Many of MIP’s employees and key customers are located in these areas so the new office cuts travel time – vital given the congestion on the Johannesburg-Pretoria highway;
* Developments in broadband infrastructure have ensured an efficient networking and communications infrastructure between the Johannesburg and Pretoria offices;
* MIP has built a disaster recovery centre in Pretoria in addition to Johannesburg, giving its clients more options as they can go to either branch if they need assistance; and
* MIP is seeking to attract scarce skills, and aims to seek out and employ local, qualified people who would not want to relocate to work in the Johannesburg office.
"The office currently employs 18 people, but it should increase this to 35 in the near future,” says Johan Meyer, technical director of MIP Holdings.
Richard Firth, CEO and chairman of MIP, adds: “MIP understands the challenges administration companies face, and uses these as key principles to develop software that best tackles them. A Pretoria office allows us to better advise our key clients in the Pretoria area on their implementations, and develop software that meets their specific needs.
We view our employees as partners and understand that by better enabling them they will enable MIP to continue grow.”