Novell has been positioned in the leaders quadrant of Gartner's “Magic Quadrant  for Enterprise Single Sign-On, 2007”.

Novell SecureLogin, the company's single sign-on solution, helps organisations manage the complicated process of providing users with access to company networks and resources. SecureLogin eliminates the need for users to manage multiple passwords, allowing enterprise customers to improve network security and
better automate business processes to deliver bottom-line savings.
According to Gartner, “Improved user convenience and support cost reductions remain the top drivers for clients implementing enterprise single sign-on (ESSO). The 'sweet spots' for ESSO implementations arein enterprises where password-related help desk costs are high, shared-workstation support is needed, and users must manage a sustained, politically unacceptable number of user IDs and passwords for at least the next two years, despite attempts to reduce this complexity with other reduced sign-on (RSO) tools and techniques.”
With Novell SecureLogin, employees use only a single, secure login to authenticate to corporate resources. Powerful wizards help customers extend simple single sign-on access to numerous terminal, Java and complex web applications across multiple operating platforms.
SecureLogin is seamlessly integrated with Novell's portfolio of powerful identity, access management, and security and information event monitoring solutions to provide customers with a robust, integrated solution for supporting governance, risk management and compliance initiatives.