Sentech brings the power of television and radio to all boardrooms and stores throughout the country via Vivid, a satellite Digital Decoder.
Sentech's business television uses the simple technology of a point-to-multipoint satellite broadcast. A live or pre-recorded transmission is sent to authorised receiving points, fitted with a standard small satellite dish and Vivid decoder. This is a real time communication tool, irrespective of the distance between sites or location.

Various retail stores and corporates use business television for different purposes, including product demonstrations direct to front-line staff, distribution of internal news, to stimulate brainstorming or to boost staff morale. All this through a radio or television channel, unique to that particular business.
"The Vivid platform enables retailers to broadcast empowering and entertaining content to all of its stores across the country on a daily basis if required. It also provides the perfect tool for cost effective training," says Marinda Abrahamse, product manager at Sentech.
With the use of Vivid radio stations, retail stores can also transmit live audio seven days a week to all of their outlets. These stations deliver a blend of music and messages, targeted at the consumers or employees in that specific store at a specific time.
"Instead of advertising, retailers are able to speak directly to their target market emphasising their range of products, services and promotions. The in store radio stations makes the environment more friendly and relaxed and one can often see customers singing along to the music or asking shop attendants about the latest promotion that has just been announced on the station," adds Abrahamse.