Payroll software developer Softline Pastel Payroll has introduced a Global Updates module that saves time and guarantees accuracy when companies update salaries and overtime with a set value or specific percentage, or even pay out production or performance bonuses.

“The Global Updates module is designed for all SME companies traditionally with 20 or more employees,” says Pastel Payroll MD Grant Lloyd. “If a company elects to give employees across the board a 12 percent increase, the 12 percent is automatically calculated against each employee’s current salary or wage and the new wage or salary amount is applied on the selected date and reflected in the individual’s payslip.”
Lloyd adds that the same applies to other transactions such as leave allocations and leave pay, travel allowances and bonuses, to name just a few.
“On a single screen, users will be able to update all or a selected group of employee payslips with a single keystroke or mouse click, eliminating input errors and automating the whole update process. A batch is then created that allows the payroll administrator to check, make any alterations then automatically update across the selected employees on the payroll.”
Global Updates is a flexible tool that can apply these changes across all employees or across different employee grades, departments and even branches, as decided by management.  One transaction entry updates all.
Lloyd says Global Updates was developed as an integral part of Pastel Payroll’s ongoing drive to add value for users.
“We are looking at the development of other modules to similarly take advantage of our batch processing functionality and make payroll processing easier and quicker for our users while at the same time improving overall HR administrative efficiency.”
The Pastel Payroll batch processing functionality will save companies with 50 employees about an hour per processing period while those with 200 employees or more will save up to four hours of payroll processing time.
It is also particularly applicable to companies who regularly pay overtime for shift work and weekend work. The overtime can simply be entered in a spreadsheet and imported directly into Pastel Payroll as a batch for review and update purposes.