Taking wireless connectivity to the next visual level, Nology, has introduced AirLive's AirVideo-2000 Wireless Video Projection Server. This device allows users to display PC content wirelessly on projection screens.

The AirVideo-2000 alleviates the need for cabling – it connects to any WiFi enabled notebook. Set-up is also easy; notebooks will connect to the server without the need for a CD or driver installation process.
The Wireless Video Projection server features real-time Audio/Video streaming hardware which in turn allows users to play back any Mpeg, Mpeg2, Mpeg4 and DivX video on the projector at 60 frames per second.
Furthermore, the AirVideo-2000 switches from one presenter's PC to another almost immediately – the server is therefore optimised for hotel conference rooms, company meeting rooms and classrooms.
"The AirVideo-2000 is ideal for multiple presenters as it greatly simplifies set-up and creates a seamless presentation environment where one presenter can follow the other almost instantaneously," says Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology.
The AirVideo-2000 also offers the following features:
* Compatible with a number of Operating Systems (OSs) that include Windows Vista/XP/2K, Win CE 4.0 above, and Mac OS 10.4 above;
* A Support Login code to protect other users from accessing presentation contents. During presentation, screen images can also be protected by WEP 64/128 encryption; and
* Allows administrators to create an auto-run pen drive using the server's wizard.