Rechargeable battery technology is not evolving at the rate of notebook technology in becoming smaller and longer lasting.

But the launch in October by Uniross of the first external slimline battery for notebook computers will boost the power-hungry notebook industry by providing between four and eight hours of additional battery power.
There will be three models in the range, all lightweight and portable. The smallest will be A5 in size and over 1,5 cm high.
Two models are supplied with a USB slot which can be used to charge other devices such as a cellphone or PDA.
When using the external battery it will recharge the notebook’s internal battery at the same time.
“The battery uses the new lithium-ion polymer technology which is more advanced than lithium-ion technology that is currently used notebook batteries, “ says Uniross MD Kevin Rogers..
Although external power packs are available, they are designed for smaller portable devices, are bulky and provide limited power.
“This is a first for the notebook industry and will extend battery usage in some cases three-fold,” says Rogers.