Infor has announced it will deliver new functionality to Infor ERP Baan IV and 5 customers. This move reverses the previous decision of SSA Global (acquired by Infor in August 2006) to discontinue further enhancements to Baan versions IV and 5, and firmly reinforces Infor’s commitment to continue enriching its customers’ solutions.

Infor ERP Baan customers now have the option to enhance their existing version of Baan or they can choose to upgrade to Infor ERP LN version 6.1, which is the latest version of Baan renamed. Customers will learn about the company’s development plans for Infor ERP Baan through presentations, workshops, and interaction with Infor’s senior executives at Infor’s annual user conference, Inforum 2007, held this week in Las Vegas.
Future enhancements include role-based home pages, Infor Open SOA interoperability, enhanced reporting services, multi-books accounting, and other new components. Many of the enhancements are customer-driven through the “Voice to Infor” programme, and will be delivered within feature packs, the first of which is scheduled for delivery in winter 2007.  
“Our Infor ERP Baan customers rely on these solutions to run their business and stay competitive,” says Gavin Kilfoil, regional manager, sub-Saharan Africa, Infor. “Infor is committed to protecting the investment these customers have already made in their solutions.”
Infor ERP Baan is an integrated advanced business solution that brings together business-specific functions in a scalable, multi-language, open systems platform. Infor ERP Baan is ideal for manufacturers in industries such as automotive supply, process manufacturing, industrial equipment and machinery, high-tech and electronics, component manufacturing (discrete products), and project-based manufacturing (commercial aerospace and ship building).
Good news for Infor ERP Baan customers then is that with Infor’s products distributed locally and throughout sub-Saharan Africa by Softworx, the EOH company will be able to assist them with all their Baan product upgrade or enhancement needs.