Point of sales (POS): about so much more than the opening and closing of your company’s tills.

Gary Epstein, MD: QuickBooks, explains that this is why the latest range of QuickBooks’ POS software – Quick POS – has been specifically designed to maximise value and functionality, and minimise effort. “Point of sales is no longer just about sales – it’s about gathering vital, real time information about your stock and your clients. It’s a critical tool that enables planning both in the short and long-term.”
This is why Quick POS contains not only with features but with QuickBooks’ trademark speed, ease of use and complete integration with QuickBooks Accounting Software.
“At QuickBooks we appreciate the time and trouble that has gone into the establishment of our clients’ SMEs. This is why we’ve made Quick POS all about assisting them to build their companies well into the future,” says Epstein.
With a range of features that includes everything from customer payments and journals, to losses and excesses, to supplier tracking and automatic cost updates, Quick POS equips SMEs with powerful tools that go beyond merely counting their inventory.
“While features like out of stock warnings, serial number tracking and automatic ordering all assist with the counting aspects, others like promotion price utilities and powerful price, account and credit check look up facilities go beyond this.” Because Quick POS also incorporates bar code scanning and production, it is also invaluable when completing those time-consuming stock takes – a portable scanner makes the ideal companion for the application, reducing the amount of walking around that needs to be done, saving hours of man power.
He adds that Quick POS additionally helps give SMEs a holistic business view – tracking inventory year-on-year, allowing management to compare stock orders from one year to the next.
“This assists management in planning where exactly they want to go in the months ahead.” The software will also help SMEs in identifying who the business’s best customers are and what they like, “Because your customer’s purchase history is available, you’re in a far better position to give them an incredible sales experience, suggesting items of relevance and increasing your opportunity to up or cross-sell in the process.”
Epstein adds that because Quick POS caters for item types that include standard items, pack items, colour/size items and recipe items, it is ideal for SMEs operating in the technology, clothing, bottle store, nursery, motor spares, gift and small FMCG industries.
With point of sales about far more than just keeping track of your tills, Quick POS has the ability to transform your till into a strategic service centre – proving to be a partner that will help grow your business well into the future and keep your customers coming back time and time again. Perhaps it’s time then to invest in a real point of sales solution and pack some power into your till…