IDF: San Francisco – Attendees at Intel's IDF conference were today faced with striking cleanroom garment cleaners handing out colourful leaflets calling for concerted action against the chip giant – but Intel seems unperturbed by their strike action.

Not only were the strikers allowed to continue distributing their leaflets throughout the day – any smoker at IDF was accosted by them outside Moscone West – but a senior Intel source revealed that the company was not about to take any kind of action against them. It would rather let the arbitration process between the two parties run its course.
In the leaflet, Prudential Overall Supply says the strike by its members may compromise the quality of Intel's controlled environments. Workers at it facilities in San Diego, Oakland and Los Angeles are on strike.
"Prudential Overall Supply washes cleanroom garments for Intel employees working in controled environments," the leaflet reads. "Last week workers at Prudential's Milpitas facility, which washes garments for thousands of Intel employees, were forced to strike due to unfair labour practices.
"Cleanroom garments must undergo a highly specialised process, including fibre tests and microscopic inspection, to assure not even a speck of dust interferes with the manufacturing process. With inexperienced strikebreakers handling the garments, the strike could cause service interruptions or quality problems for Intel's very specific garment processing.
"Urge Intel to contact Prudential and encourage them to follow the law and assure the integrity of Intel's contolled environments is not compromised," the leaflet ends.
One hopes it will remain a clean fight between the two parties during the course of IDF.