With the growing popularity of fibre optic-based communications networks, electronic research and development house Netshield SA – a member of the Comztek Group – has developed a cost-effective solution that enables local businesses to take advantage of fibre’s communications benefits, while simultaneously reducing their dependence on Telkom.

Netshield CEO Inus Dreckmeyr says the growth of fibre’s popularity can be attributed to copper’s major drawbacks – its limited range; its black-market value; and its vulnerability to lightening strikes.
“Fibre optic cabling might be more expensive than copper, but it can accommodate connections of 60km or more, it has no inherent value as a commodity and is impervious to electrical surges,” he says.
Netshield has designed and developed a low-cost, plug-and-play multiplexer unit which allows businesses to use fibre cabling to communicate across a campus or further afield from a single PABX without having to install multiple Telkom lines, or multiple PABXs.
“It’s a quick, easy and reliable communications solutions for organisations operating out of two or more buildings – be those buildings 100m or 100km apart,” he adds.
A pair of Netshield’s locally manufactured NE2Fxx units can transport two or four E1 channels over a single fibre link for distances of up to 25km, extendable to 120km.  Each of the four E1 signals is transmitted transparently.
“A simple, flexible and cost-effective solution, the units are easy to configure and maintain with network loop- back functions for fault location, have in-built surge protection and come with a lifetime, carry-in warranty.  The fibre link itself is available with single-mode or multi-mode interfaces, making the Netshield NE2Fxx units suitable for a wide range of applications,” Dreckmeyr adds.