iBurst has addressed subscriber concerns around its mail server stability with the implementation of a major mail architecture redesign. The new system will also address the problem of spam causing the network to become blacklisted. 

“Our subscribers were occasionally experiencing difficulties in sending and receiving email and this was understandably frustrating. We acted decisively and the result was an exponential increase in iBurst’s mail service capacity,” says Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.
Commencing in late February 2007, the redesign was in line with iBurst capacity-building programmes in other areas of the business aimed at boosting coverage and improving customer service.
“The redesign was specifically necessitated by a substantial increase in outgoing mails and the need to minimize subscriber inconvenience due to spamming and subsequent blacklisting,” says Mtshali.
iBurst currently handles 58 000 outgoing emails per hour compared to 12 000 outgoing emails per hour approximately two years ago.
The company  has also embarked on a crackdown against errant subscribers using the company’s network to transmit spam worldwide and has suspended “dozens” of subscriber accounts over the past six months.
The result of iBurst subscribers using their accounts for spamming purposes is that iBurst IP addresses are subsequently blacklisted by global anti-spamming organisations. This ultimately affects the quality of service experienced by legitimate iBurst subscribers.
iBurst currently has over 45 000 subscribers. The new mail cluster architecture will allow for efficient mail delivery and storage while providing the capacity to support the expected growth of iBurst’s subscriber base.