Digital lifestyle specialist, Pinnacle Micro, has announced the availability of Canon’s Digital IXUS i7 zoom, and upgrade to the compact Digital i5 zoom. 

Available in four new colours, the 7.1 Megapixel IXUS i7 zoom incorporates a 2.4x optical zoom and Canon’s DIGIC III processor.
“In addition to rapid performance and improved image rendering, DIGIC III reduces noise at speeds up to ISO 1600,” says Cobus Erasmus, Canon brand manager at Pinnacle Micro.
He says that the processor also brings Canon’s Face Detection AF/AE system to the Digital IXUS i7 zoom. “This new technology automatically detects the faces of up to nine subjects within a frame and intelligently tailors focus and exposure to optimise the result, making it ideal for use at parties and other social situations.”
The compact IXUS i7 zoom – available in Denim Blue, Steel Grey, and Sepia – can be carried comfortably in pockets or small bags.
Erasmus says that Canon’s new Safety Zoom has been included in the IXUS i7 zoom, giving users a feature that offers greater telephoto reach and better results when framing distant subject. “By using the Safety Zoom, the photographer can expand the possible zoom magnification when shooting smaller size images without worrying about reduced image quality.”
Offering 17 different shooting modes – including Special Scene modes and movie movies – the camera gives users a wide variety of creative options. Further, the Aquarium scene mode optimises colours and controls that flash and ISO when shooting underwater life in glass tanks.
“The IXUS i7 zoom comes with a camera station dock that serves as a base for easy printing, PC uploads and battery charging,” says Erasmus. “The dock’s Wireless Controller gives the user the ability to control slideshows and movie playback on the TV, straight from the camera’s AV Out connection.”