Local VMware distributor, Workgroup, has announced the pre-order availability of VMware Fusion, which enables Mac users to simultaneously run Mac, Windows, Linux, NetWare and Solaris-based applications without rebooting. 

VMware Fusion enables Mac users to run Windows and other PC-based applications within fast and secure virtual machines. With over 200 000 downloads of the VMware Fusion public beta since it became available earlier this year, Mac users are rapidly adopting the VMware virtualisation platform used by many worldwide.
Fusion with Unity enables users to run Windows XP applications directly on their Mac desktops, providing full integration with Mac keyboard shortcuts and the Expose feature in Mac OS X. The VMware Fusion Launch Palette provides access to all Windows applications, which can be saved to the Mac OS X Dock.
Fusion automatically detects users' existing Boot Camp installations to allow Mac OS X to run alongside Windows XP or Vista with no additional setup.
The Accelerated 3D graphics support feature enables users to run DirectX 8.1 applications and play select DirectX 8.1 games from within Windows XP virtual machines.
Fusion supports Virtual SMP to leverage dual-core and dual-processor computers and 64-bit operating systems including Windows Vista. It also enables users to use the maximum memory available on Macs to run more virtual machines simultaneously and increase user productivity.
With its 'snapshot' feature, VMware Fusion users can capture and save the current state of a running virtual machine. This enables them to easily roll back to a stable state if the virtual machine becomes unresponsive. Also, users can run VMware Converter on an existing Windows PC to migrate the environment to a virtual machine ready to use on their Macs.