ProCurve Networking by HP has announced the first industry implementation of sFlow technology for wireless network access, a move designed to provide customers with increased visibility into wireless network traffic. 

sFlow boosts insight into network traffic both in wired and wireless environments, and it scales to large network deployments, allowing customers to quickly respond to security threats.
By integrating sFlow with the ProCurve Wireless Edge Services xl Module and the newly launched WESM zl module, ProCurve is bolstering its strategy for the unification of wired and wireless infrastructure.
“By including sFlow technology in our wireless platform, we are making it easier for enterprises to monitor network devices, enforce security and analyse traffic flows across both a wired and wireless infrastructure,” says Lorna Hardie, Business Unit Manager, ProCurve Networking by HP. “ProCurve is committed to industry leadership and creating open standards to deliver advanced technologies that fortify security, increase productivity and reduce complexity.”
ProCurve and InMon Corporation jointly developed the wireless extensions for sFlow, an industry-standard technology that uses packet-based traffic sampling to provide network-wide visibility.
Customers will be able to use wireless sFlow to assist in wireless deployment, troubleshooting wireless signal or performance issues, as well as gaining visibility into network traffic such as top talkers, top applications and connections.
When combined with a management application such as ProCurve Manager software, sFlow will also give customers pervasive, unified wired and wireless network visibility and control that has not been available in the past.