SMC Networks has added to its Powerline product portfolio with the SMCHPAVH-ETH EZ Connect. 

The solution is a 200Mbps HomePlug AV Hybrid Ethernet Adapter supporting HD video and audio streaming, Voice over IP, online gaming and broadband Internet access over existing AC wiring in the home. In addition, the same signal can be sent over coaxial cable.
The EZ Connect Adapter is the easiest and most cost-effective way to create or extend a home network without the need to run expensive cabling or perform extensive network configuration. Each available power outlet is turned into a network connection point.
The adapter supports up to 16 Powerline devices communicating on a single network and with data transfer rates of up to 200Mbps it is ideal for real time applications.
The new adapter offers co-existence with 14/ 85Mbps HomePlug devices, plug-and-play installation, 128 bit AES encryption and auto-sensing technology which minimizes interference from other household appliances. For home and small office environments, the adapter has an innovative compact desktop design, which unlike bulky wall mount adapters, can be used anywhere in the home.
“With the increasing uptake of video streaming, VoIP and high definition technologies, customers are increasingly looking for the easiest way to extend their home networks,” says SMC's product manager Peggie Lee. “The new EZ Connect Powerline AV Adapters are simple to set up and cost effective as users can simply plug one into an AC power outlet near the device they want to add to the network.”
Paul Luff, country manager SMC Networks South Africa, says the latest addition to the company’s Powerline range is an exciting new product that provides an economical route to enhancing the home networking environment.
“The South African home networking space is growing and product such as this latest solution from SMC Networks can only add value,” says Luff. “It is exciting to see just how far we have come in terms of technology adoption and usage in the home and how the networked environment has been integrated into our lifestyle. This adapter is a practical application to anyone’s home network set up and the technology is flexible and compact, which allows for user-friendly, easy installation and maintenance.”