A comprehensive report on the IVR market shows that speech-enabled VoiceXML technology utilisation is rising dramatically, displacing older IVR technology and boosting market share for Genesys. The study also places Genesys as the leader in the industry.

The 2007 Telephone Self-Service Market Report by Tern Systems, a highly regarded analyst firm specialising in the IVR market, provides the most comprehensive and in-depth look at trends, growth projections and market share in the voice self-service market.
The Tern report projects that the speech-enabled VoiceXML market will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 30,6% over the next five years as most new systems and replacement systems transition to VoiceXML.
"This study signifies a key tipping point for the technology as newer, next-generation software systems are finally replacing traditional IVR hardware ports as the major platform for voice self service in customer care," says Nicolas de Kouchkovsky, senior vice president of marketing, Genesys.
"The study’s ranking of Genesys as the overall market leader for IVR is a great success for Genesys, as well as it gives an indication of the evolution of the contact centre market – voice self service is one of four key requirements of companies moving to dynamic contact centres."
Genesys led the industry in speech-enabled ports shipped during 2006, with an 18.7% share, as well as having the largest share of the total IVR ports shipped with 9.2% of the total.
"Genesys has historically been a leading supplier of call centre systems and during the last few years has been steadily strengthening its position in the speech-enabled self-service area and has now taken the market share leadership position," says Walt Tetschner, senior analyst, Tern Systems.
"Genesys’ strong CTI background maps extremely well into the IVR segment where one of the major caller complaints is having to repeat information, which is typically caused by CTI not being implemented properly."