LG Electronics (LG has announced the upcoming launch of its LB9 LCD TVs, the first in the company’s Design Art series. Through these tempting black pearl inspired LCD TVs, LG hopes to further build its reputation for quality and design-focused TVs.

“The LB9 series was designed to reflect the same beauty as a black pearl with its tempting design features such as a glossy black finish, ring-shaped stand and wave-inspired bezel design,” says HB Lim, Digital Display product manager at LG Electronics South Africa. “Black pearls, with their mysterious luster, evoke strong emotions and the desire to reach out and touch their surface. We designed these TVs to stir up similar emotions as soon as people see them, either in a showroom or a living room.”
A ring-shaped stand is the key feature of the LB9 series. The ring, available in red or black, is utilitarian as well as stylish. Perched atop the ring, the LB9 series incorporates a high glossy piano black frame and a wave-design at the bottom of the panel.
“The effort put into designing this unique stand demonstrates LG’s commitment and passion for design innovation. The LB9 series will be followed with more Design Art TVs in 2008. We are confident that the design art range will meet the needs of consumers that appreciate product aesthetics,” says Lim.
In addition, the LB9 series offers viewers a vivid and lifelike viewing experience with LG’s exclusive XD Engine and enhanced 10,000:1 contrast ratio, which creates deeper black levels and provides a fuller range of colours.
The LB9 series incorporates LG’s intelligent Eye technology which optimises brightness and contrast, taking into account ambient light. TV watchers can therefore enjoy the best picture and simultaneously guard against eye fatigue.
LG’s proprietary Simple Link technology allows for greater control of other compatible equipment such as DVD players and home theatre systems.
Also incorporated into the LB9 series televisions are LG’s dimple speakers, which create a complete movie watching experience by providing dynamic and powerful sound through minimised air flow turbulence, without disrupting the television’s sleek aesthetics.