Tarsus Technologies has announced the upcoming availability of the dx7400 business desktop, which replaces HP's hugely popular dx7300, and in doing so, has raised the locally assembled computer bar substantially.

The dx7400 is designed to address the same market as its predecessor, namely that of the no-frills, high-performance business desktop. As such, Andre Wollheim, HP product manager at Tarsus Technologies says that the unit benefits from a complete technology refresh, bringing it in line with the latest cutting edge technology.
For starters, the HP dx7400 gains an Intel Q33 Chipset, which drives front-side bus performance up to 1333MHz – yielding a huge improvement in system performance.
Processor-wise, the dx7400 moves to Core 2 Duo processors, eliminating the 4GB RAM barrier that previously existed on the dx7300. The processor change allows for the dx7400 to accommodate up to 8GB of 667MHz DDR2 memory and processor speeds from 1.8GHz to 3GHz.
"If an updated Intel chipset and a new range of higher-performing processors aren't enough to get customers talking, one thing that surely will, is the price reductions this unit brings," Wollheim adds.
With the release of the dx7400, he says that HP has consolidated all of its chassis purchases to a single vendor and through those economies of scale, has managed to drive end-user pricing down by a healthy margin.
"Taking into consideration that this chassis change has resulted in the dx7400 sharing a wider range of components with its locally assembled siblings, this has also allowed for an overall 10% reduction in cost," he adds.
Wollheim says that the dx7400, which becomes available on 7 October, is just another step in HP's increased dominance of the South African PC market.
"Over the past quarter, HP's desktop business grew by 37% in a market where 6% growth was experienced. It's clear that HP is increasing its local market share and with the dx7400's updated specifications and competitive pricing, I can only predict that this trend will continue," he adds.
The HP dx7400 is available from a recommended retail price of R5 500.00 including VAT.