CA Africa’s first Open Day offered an interactive exhibition of the company’s Enterprise IT Management (EITM) products and vision. Attendance at the event exceeded expectations and showed a 70:30 split between customers and partners respectively.

Country manager at CA, Gary Lawrence, delivered the keynote address, which was titled "What is the impact of EITM on your organisation?".
Lawrence explains that EITM is about offering customers the ability to unify and simplify complex IT environments, which are frequently comprised of disconnected islands of technology. EITM gives CIOs the ability to manage IT as a business, which means understanding business strategy and drivers and then aligning IT services to support the business.
EITM brings a unified, dashboard view of the IT environment to the organisation, which allows IT to move away from being reactive and focusing on technology to being adaptive and focusing on serving the business. EITM enables customers to think about IT in terms of services because it gives a view of all the elements required to deliver that service.
Lawrence says that the CA Open Day gave customers and channel partners the opportunity to interface with CA technology and experience the value that it can bring to disordered IT environments.
“Visitors to the Open Day were able to work with our software and products, and engage with our experts on thought leadership issues. Partners also demonstrated the added value they can bring to our customers,” he says, adding that CA avoided the typical user conference model, and tried to deliver a fresher, more interactive experience for delegates.
Lawrence believes that the visible growth of the IT management software market is indicative of a global trend of companies trying to simplify increasingly chaotic and disparate technologies and that events such as CA’s Open Day will continue to provide insight into the solutions and players in this growing market.
“This was the first time we put together an event of this nature, and the response has been overwhelming,” he adds.