There is a misplaced misconception that working mothers are not all useful in the workplace, that they should be relegated to second-rung postings – even if they were top executives before they become mothers. 

This is according to Karen Geldenhuys, newly-appointed MD of IT recruitment company, Abacus Recruitment. Geldenhuys, a co-founder of Abacus Recruitment, recently returned to the corporate world after a year in “part-time mode”.
“With the skills shortage facing this country I feel employers are losing out on a pool of resources out there – working mothers. Just because a woman might have children, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the necessary skills.”
By failing to offer flexible working conditions, employers are losing out, she says.
A recent survey by showed that the majority of working mothers placed flexibility in the workplace as their top priority. The survey reported that an “astounding” 90% felt it was difficult to find the flexibility they needed , with 83% saying that it is hard to find flexible work that utilises their skills.
The survey was conducted to find out what working women felt about returning to work after having a baby.