Looking for a personal assistant that’s super-intelligent and super-efficient, not to mention guaranteed to improve your personal and professional way of life? Cathleen Lester, product manager: HP retail at Axiz, has the perfect solution – the HP IPaq 614 Business Navigator. This two-in-one mobile phone with GPS navigation allows you to both find your way and keep your life on track.

Lester explains that what makes this converged device an absolute “must-have” gadget is its intelligent combination of connectivity, productivity and mobility.
“The IPAQ 614 acts as the ideal professional organiser, with Microsoft Office Outlook running on Windows Mobile 6. Users can make voice calls and access the internet globally via its 3G and Quad-band wireless technology. It simultaneously provides a perfect source of pocket-sized entertainment. You can watch videos and read ebooks with Windows Media Player Mobile, and take high quality pictures with its integrated camera.”
With gadgets a very good gauge of where technology is headed, the HP IPaq 614 is proof that consumers are looking for a mixture of business functions and entertainment features.
“The key target market for this phone ranges from mobile professionals to housewives, travellers and young entrepreneurs. While this may sound surprising, all of these groups are on the go all the time, and live and work in very complex environments where communication and relaxation are both very important,” says Lester.
She adds that the market trend is moving towards a fully mobile solution that facilitates business, travel and entertainment applications. Needless to say, this pocket companion is already proving extremely popular on the market.
Lester says that the IPaq 614’s sophisticated sleek design is complemented not only by its functional excellence, but also by the range of accessories available to go with it: a car cradle, standard and extended batteries, form-fitting silicone skins for protection as well as a leather case.
Axiz has made the IPaq 614 deal (RRP: R5 499.99) that much more attractive by offering professional product training and advice to ensure the right purchase is made, as well as providing comprehensive sales support to address any question or query. So, if you’re looking for much more than a just a cellphone, now’s the ideal time to give Axiz a call, and discover the perfect business navigator.