LogiXML, the global provider of interactive, Web-based business intelligence, has announced a major upgrade to the entire Logi 8 Business Intelligence Platform. The latest version of the Logi 8 platform helps organisations extend BI value to more users by adding Enterprise Search capabilities via the new Logi Intelligence Server and delivers new tools for developers to add unique, Web 2.0-style BI features to reports.

“We have set high expectations with our growing customer base to deliver significant value with each major upgrade, and Version 8.2 affirms that commitment in two significant ways,” says local LogiXML representative Wayne Wrigley.
“First, our standards-based approach has allowed us to quickly incorporate Web 2.0 usability features and search capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated with existing BI applications. Second, by adding the new Intelligence Server to the Logi 8 platform, we now offer the ability to conduct deeper and more valuable analyses using innovations like our unique historical data analysis feature, which we call the ‘Time Machine'."
The Logi 8 Platform Version 8.2 offers interactive reporting and analysis features across the LogiXML platform, providing users with even more power to improve decision-making. Key new features include Logi Intelligence Server for enterprise search and historical data analysis; Internationalisation of Logi Ad Hoc, serving users in new languages; Logi Web Studio, full-featured, yet light-weight Web-based report editor; and text clouds for enhanced visualisation.
Logi 8 is the first BI vendor to offer powerful, Web-based enterprise search capabilities integrated into user reports. A feature of the new Logi Intelligence Server, Enterprise Search, allows BI users to find information across the enterprise via a direct text search of the underlying data. Enterprise Search conforms to the Logi security model so server administrators maintain full control over data and user security, easily defining the data tables and data elements that are searchable for users.
The new Logi Intelligence Server also includes a unique historical data capture capability that easily integrates with Logi Info to help users create valuable trend reports. The exclusive ‘Time Machine’ element allows users to easily capture a snapshot of data on a scheduled basis and then archive and compare that data over time, compare historical data and calculations, enable automated alerts or processes for exceptions in the data, and create trend reports.
Logi 8 is now being used in 77 countries. To meet the needs of increasingly global customers, the latest release of the Logi Ad Hoc user interface (UI) is now fully internationalised; text, buttons, and other parts of the UI can be easily and readily translated to other languages using resource files external to the source code.
In addition, a key upgrade in Version 8.2 of Logi Info is the new Logi Web Studio, which offers increased mobility and developer productivity in editing reports. This convenient, Web-based report definition editor is accessible in any standard Web browser for developers to change reports anytime, anywhere. This tool is zero-footprint and offers greater flexibility for report maintenance and for using non-Windows platforms like Linux/UNIX and Apple.
The Version 8.2 release extends unique, Web 2.0-style visualisation features to reports with Text Clouds. A Text Cloud is a visual depiction (using font size and color) of the relative weighting of words, links, and phrases. Words or phrases can be easily set up as links, enabling further drill down into detailed data.