Pinnacle Micro has announced the availability of the industry's first line of quad-core, quad-processor servers from Super Micro Computer.
Francois Lottering, Supermicro brand manager at Pinnacle Micro, says Supermicro's new 8015C-T,8025C-3R and 8045C-3R SuperServers feature a larger memory footprint, improved energy efficiency and more form factors and CPU SKUs to choose from for better application optimisation compared to previous generationquad-processor servers based on Intel(r) Xeon processors.

"We aim to use the Supermicro range to aggressively gain more marketshare in the local server market," said Lottering. "Supermicro are always bringing good price/performance innovations to the market – and they are regularly first-to-market."
Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro, adds: "With Supermicro's industry-leading high-efficiency Super SSI (Server System Infrastructure) architectural advances and CPU innovations around power consumption and memory capacity, we are able to deliver exceptional value to customers looking for consolidation and virtualisation.
"Our 1U, 2U and 4U SuperServers based on the new Intel 7300 (Clarksboro) chipset provide compelling solutions for the dense rack segment, especially when equipped with Intel's new mainstream 80-watt or low-voltage 50-watt quad-core processors."
Kirk Skaugen, vice-president at the Digital Enterprise Group of Intel, comments: "The Intel Core Microarchitecture combined with Intel's quad core technology are again delivering record new levels of industry performance and energy efficiency, this time for four processor systems.
"It's exciting to see Supermicro aggressively taking advantage of the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 7300 Series across such a broad new product line. Intel has designed the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 7300 Series to enhance virtualisation and ease server consolidation, deliver leading performance, and provide enterprise-level reliability."
Based on Supermicro's new X7QCE and X7QC3 serverboards, the 8015C-T, 8025C-3R and 8045C-3R SuperServers all support up to 192GB of fully buffered DDR2 667 or 533 MHz memory via 24 DIMM slots (when equipped with 8G modules).  Great for virtualisation, this expanded memory capacity boosts performance for a wide range of applications.
With 90% power supply efficiency and optimal cooling designs, these energy-efficient servers deliver breakthrough performance-per-watt1. Ready for next-generation 45nm processors, the performance boosting features of these systems also include four dedicated high-speed interconnects, quad-core processors with Intel Core microarchitecture, and 64 MB snoop filter.
Supermicro offers new quad-processor SuperServers in 1U, 2U and 4U form factors for customers to choose from that support the full range of Xeon 7300 (Caneland) processor SKUs.